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Cutting your own Hair with Scissors during Covid

The Covid-19 crisis has brought us back life to basic necessities. Being locked down in many countries, not only affect our daily behavior and habits, but also our way we take simple services for granted. One of those is the hairdresser. 

Going every 4-6 weeks to get a haircut was before a no brainer. Now with the quarantine in place and force shops to close, most people have to let their hair grow. That should be fine, but after 3-4 months, it gets too long and thick and you may start wondering if you can cut your own hair without too much damage. 

The other reason I started to look at cutting my own hair is that with Chinese hair, a barber shops in the Western world always tends to cut it too short. And too short hair with my type of hair starts to jump and end up looking a palm tree of hair on my head. And even though I asked specifically to cut it not too short, I always return dissatisfied.     

And for that reason, I am not a big fan of a hair razor, as I like to have my hair longer and being able to comb it backwards. And for that you need to have at least a thumb hair length.

I started experimenting cutting my own hair and must admit the first times was scared, but now I feel actually even better than going to a hairdresser, because I get it cut the way I like it. 

How to cut own hair with Scissors

1) First you want to ensure you know what model you want. I prefer to comb back my hair, so therefore, I need to have thumb length hair on the sides and back. On the top I need to cut my hair longer. Obviously if you want another model, these lengths may differ, but it will help to plan lengths upfront so not to adjust it while you are cutting. 

2) Find a good place to cut as the hair will fall all ways and spread itself. You can use the garden, or a bath. 
cut hair with scissors

3) The best and safest pair of scissors to cut your own hair are actually small scissors with rounded tops. The ones I use have 6 cm blades. The rounded tops help you not to cut your skin or fingers by accident as you may not have a clear view what you are cutting on the back of the head. While you start cutting, try to cut small parts and not big plucks of hair in one go and that will show visibly more clearly. 

4) First cut the front by looking in a mirror, combing your hair down in front of your face. Cut the hair above your nose, but not higher than your lower eyelids. So in this case you can use a mirror which will help. 

5) Then start with the back, first by the lower end of your head to keep a horizontal line. Then take the back of your hair in plucks between index and middle finger and put your thumb perpendicular to get the right length. Cut the hair with the small scissors and continue with next pluck till you back has all the same length. 

Cutting your own hair thumb length

6) Then start cutting the sides by using again one hand and taking plucks of hair between your index and middle finger and using your thumb perpendicular to your head to measure the hair length. Cut small plucks like here in the picture and keep cutting till most hair on the side has the thumb length. 

Once you are done and your hair has the right length, then you can do a final touch in the shower and use the same finger/thumb technique with any hair that were left out. 

Too be honest, I am actually happier cutting now my hair myself than going to the hairdresser as I can get it the length I wanted, which for some reason I never succeed when cutting it at the barber.