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How is the G-Shock MT-G compared?

Before I bought the G-Shock MR-G, I had a MT-G. The specific model was mtg-g1000d-1 a2jf and is a more economic model than the MR-G. Yo can get this model at Amazon and it was my first introduction to the advanced technologies Casio achieved to integrate in its watches.

The main difference between the Mister G and MT-G watches is that the latter one are built out of a stainless steel base, polished with Sallaz technique that makes it shining. The stainless steel is hard, but not resistant to scratches, so after wearing it, you can see quickly its use.
G-Shock MT-G

Its steel base makes it 198 grammes that is a bit heavier than other watches that you get accustomed to, but takes some time. It is robust, stable and easy to use for rough sports. The buttons are rectangle and the screwed crown is easy to adjust. To make the base lighter, some parts are made of plastic which gives it a nice versatile look. 

 The technologies in this watch are amazing. Its has a solar panel in its face and a stopwatch. Its worldtime is shown in a second face, and the good thing of this watch is that with one press of the buttons, you can switch the worldtime to the large dial and your current timezone to the smaller worldtime dial. It also features radio synchronization through Band -6, but as it is quite sensitive, the satellite GPS synchronization is much more usefull as it reads atomic time and latitude location with which it calculate the timezone you are in.

G Shock MTG G Shock MTG

The watch has a super white LED light that I also use to look in the dark. Much faster and easier to use than the flashlight on your smartphone. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel and spots a plastic cover on the inner part that makes the watch easier to wear without the initial feeling of cold steel on your wrist.

G Shock MTG

 It comes in a very nice box and is complete. I enjoyed it a lot, and used it for sports, diving and going to work. It is a bit heavier and thicker than other watches, so it does not easily go under your shirt sleeve.
If you are looking for something lighter and thinner, then I suggest to go for the MR-G model, but that comes at at least double the price.

G Shock MTG G Shock MTG