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Review of G-Shock MR G - Is it worth it?

I love watches, not just any watch, but one that stands out of the crowd. I tried and look for many different ones, but the one that took my attention was the G-Shock Mr G collection. It is the top of the G-Shock watches and therefore also referred as "Mister G".


It looks very sharp, but it is also a very technically advanced watch. First of all, it is solar powered, the display is basically a solar cell that provides sufficient energy to recharge its internal cell to provide lifetime energy. Great, as there is no need to replace its battery every 2 years nor do I have to swing my arm every now and then to mechanically charge it. 

MRG G100DC-1A  G Shock MR G

If you look closely, you see the little cells of the solar cell panel on its display. 

But that is not everything, it also synchronizes the time and location with satellites. This is actually the best feature, because if you live in Latin America for instance, the radio synchronization does not work as there is no Multi-Band 6 antenna station in that region. So the satellite does work almost anywhere (tried in the plane but without luck) in the world. It syncs automatically every day. But when you push the bottom right sync button, it syncs your location and timezone. On the earth dial it shows your latitude afterwards.

Casio MR G

This is very useful when travelling to different timezones. It has also a 24 hour worldtime dial so you can see what time it is in the other timezone. 

It has other more standard features, such as stopwatch and alarm. But in addition it features a countdown timer that was a must for me, and actually use that more often than the alarm and stopwatch.

But obviously have to mention the build of this watch as well. I bought a MRG G100DC-1A (available in Amazon)which has a special akagane accent on the small dials and buttons. Akagane is a copper alloy with 3 to 5% gold that is used in traditional Japanese craftwork and looks stunning. Its color stands out as different, but is also not too strong shouting for attention. 

Back MRG

The case and bracelet are made of Titanium which makes the watch lighter in weight. I also had a Casio MTG made out of steel and this one is much lighter because of the material. It is very easy to wear it, and the 49.8 mm size is a little bit smaller than the MTG which makes it perfect on smaller wrists.

G Shock MRG 
The glass is very strong Sapphire glass and though the titanium got some scratches during the wear, the glass is still like new. It is built for robustness like any G-shock. It is also 200 meters waterproof and has a superwhite LED lightning. 

The watch is manufactured in the famous Yamagata factory where only the highest quality watches are made. The backside displays that many more details. 

Overall, love the watch, it shows finesse with precision, without shouting out too much for attention. 

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