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Trimmer for short and medium sized beard

In the previous post (trimmer for stubble) I reviewed a number of trimmers for maintaining a stubble beard. But after a while decided to go for a short / medium sized beard which needs a trimmer that does between 10-15mm.

Asian fuller Beard

The 3 trimmers I used only shaved up till 10 mm, so was time to go back to the store any buy yet another trimmer(s):

1. Philips MG3730
2. Braun BT5542

Beard trimmer comparison for short and medium sized beard

Philips MG3730

The first trimmer was the Philips MG3730. This trimmer is a multi groomer and has multiple combs. It is a lightweight model and large selection of combs. Most of them are fixed length (1, 2, 9, 12 and 16mm), except for one that can be varied between 3-7 mm with 1 mm steps. It also has a ear/nose trimmer and a light travel pouch.

Philips MG3730

 Philips MG3730 combs

Compared with the Philips QT4015, it is actually an even smaller model. Its head is a bit wider, 

Philips MG3730 y QT4015 

Compared to the QT4015, it lacks the adjustment wheel, and for almost any length you need to put another comb on it. And even though the combs are light, it is quite a disillusion to look every time for the right head and then shave and change it again for other part. And once you travel again, you need to bring 3 or 4 combs with you, with the risk of breaking them. 

Philips MG3730 y QT4015

So soon, I decided to look for another shaver that offered more flexibility and could shave from 4 to 16 mm without having the hassle of switching 4 combs every shave. 

Philips MG3730 y QT4015

Braun BT5542

I found this shaver in one shop in Europe and I liked it immediately. It was again another brand, but it offered different lengths with just 2 combs, one for 1-10 mm and another one for 11-20 mm, with steps of 0.5 mm. 

Braun BT5542Braun BT5542 back

The machine is light, medium weight in the hand. It also offers a smaller head trimmer to cut straight lines. And it comes with a wet shaver with 3 heads. 

Braun BT5542 trimmer

But the thing I liked most is the fact that  contrary to the Philips this machine only requires 2 combs to cut between 1-20 mm which makes it ideal for short and medium sized beards. 

Braun beardtrimmer

 So, now I am sticking with this machine, it works, is easy to use, and reliable with just few parts. I am waiting for others to follow.